Sunday, July 30, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Kaylani Lei

Me: What is it like being in the porn industry?

KL: Being in the biz is long as I stay in control and make my own decisions. I enjoy meeting my wonderful supporters, fans. Without you I wouldn't be kaylani! I get to travel, see new things, meet different people, etc. There are of course, like any other line of work, ups and downs. And even though I try hard to separate my personal life from my career, it is almost impossible to do so. Not because I practice what I do in my movies in my personal life, but people ASSUME I do. I am taking a break from dancing at the moment, I really am not sure when I will start up again, but when I do, then yes, san francisco will be the first place I go.

Me: Do guys ever offer you money to sleep with them?

KL: Yes, there are people out there who offer money (and I mean huge sums of $$$,$$$$) for a night with me. You'd be surprise who does. And no HELL NO i do not. Why? because I don't feel like it that's why.

Me: Do you have a web site?

KL: My website is currently under construction. It will be I am working on it, folks just gimme time.

Me: What agency are you with?

KL: I am not with any agency right now, however I am thinking about it, since I would like to do some other things.

Me:Are you currently seeing someone?

KL: (sigh) Non-existent. My ex and I still talk, yes I still love him always will, vice versa.

Me: How do you feel about having a 3 sum when you are in a relationship with someone?

KL: Let me tell you something I am not down with sharing my man.(When i have one) I love doing all that threesome shit in my movies, but for real, you won't be seeing me letting another chick touch my dude. Neva eva, and if she did, whatch the fuck out! lol.

Me:How do you feel about sex in general?

KL: Unlike my movies I love to make love, and love to be in love, if however I know dude is only in for the occasional bootycall, then hey, I am cool. I don't expect a call the next day, and I am not that chick that bugs. I believe in no strings attached relationships just as much as serious manogamous ones, just be straight up no games played, cuz you can't play me. sorry.

Me: Is it hard to switch between pornlife sex and personal life sex?

KL: That's tricky. NO. First lets say when I am doing a scene in front of a camera, i am more concerned with the lighting on my face, if my lips are smugged, and if i am in a position where my stomache looks ok. Now, if my 'co worker' haha happens to push the right spots and I get turned on, then hell yeah I let mysef go and I have a mind blowing orgasm in front of the cast and crew, and hey, sometimes the crafts service guy(caterer) gets a good peak. Don't think I don't enjoy it though, and no my scenes are not totally fake, It's just there are alot of things that come to mind when in front of the camera.

Me: Would you ever date a fan?

KL: Well i have to be a fan of yours also! Some dared to ask what the perfect size dick is" there is no perfect size, if it is however lacking in the huge department, then I think i speak for all the ladies, the tongue works wonders. sorry am i getting too x rated here, just keeping it real, I do do xxx movies, so i do have to be a little raunchy after all isn;t that what is expected of me?? hahahaha lol = D

Me: What is your favorite position?

KL: Fav sex position is basic mish, and or me on top.

Me: Do you do drugs?

KL: No

Me: Why on heavens earth are you single?

KL: Why am I single? Because I haven't found that guy that I can really settle down with and trust just yet. Am i in a rush to? no. I do not mind being single it is great and I have my best friends anf family, that is all I need, boyfriends are just a bonus.

Me: Why did you choose porn as your profession?

KL: Why porn?...It has taught me so many things about my undiscoverd sexuality. I have explored so many new things in my sex life and confidence, and many many orgasms in different ways that I never had before. We do nothing that your local librarian doesn't do, we just show it. The better question is Why not porn?

Me: What kind of guys do you like?

KL: Nice, warm friendly. I like the guy that seems like an ass, or hard to get, but looks at me with puppy dog eyes, and adores the shit out of me. I am a leo, so that whole trying to make me jealous to get my attention bullshit does not work. I hate games.

Me: What are your working hours like?

KL: Being on set is anywhere from 3-10 days, each day consisting of about 8-14 hours. There's downtime in between scenes, i take advantage of those to read over my scripts, there's breakfast, luch, dinner, snacks, there is crew, cast, extras etc. The directors are cool, they have their moments with yelling and screaming, but also take the time to joke around and act silly with the rest of us. There are hair and make up artists, aka psychologist! Yes they hear it all! Lets' just say i know just about every personal aspect of the make up artist, and she knows mine! Sounds like your typical movie set, right?....ha ha with the exception of what some of us call the "fuck it bucket" this bucket contains lube, condoms, baby wipes, etc. Now that's porno!!!!!

I really appreciate the time you have put in to interview me, thanks so much for your support and friendship. I hope my blabbering has answered most of your questions. Keep it real and fun. Thank you.

Always and forever,
Kaylani Lei xoxo

Can YOU Be a Pornstar

Mary Carey, the porn actress who ran for California governor in the recent recall election, is among the hosts, joining fellow adult-film stars Tabitha Stevens and Ginger Lynn.

Silhouette Productions announced plans Monday to shoot seven one-hour shows, with plans to start broadcasting on iN DEMAND Networks and other pay-per-view channels on January 8.

A group of 28 women will compete for a one-year contract with a major adult video distributor and a cash prize of $100,000.

"It's going to be an R-rated version for pay-per-view," Silhouette Productions chief executive officer Harry Feingold told The Associated Press. "Obviously, there will be outtakes that will be hardcore," which will likely turn up on DVD release later.

"It's like 'Paradise Hotel,' when they go behind the scenes. Everybody wants to know what's going on. Well, here you see it," he said, referring to the Fox network reality series about young people trying to seduce each other.

In each episode, four women arrive at a house in Los Angeles for photo shoots, interviews and "surprises," according to Silhouette. Viewers will help pick eight finalists for a 90-minute finale.

The statement promised "uninhibited nudity and sizzling sexuality," while the show's official Web site said it would feature "Real people having real sex!"

"Pay-per-view gives us the freedom to take reality television where it has never gone before," Feingold said. "The last stigma today for audiences isn't renting adult films, it's admitting it, and this series offers viewers a fun, behind-the-scenes look at the star-making process in a multi-billion dollar industry."

He added that the show is designed "not just for men, but for wives and girlfriends who enjoy both reality TV and adult entertainment."

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

How to be a pornstar

Hi Welcome to the only blog on the Internet that has interviewed some of the worlds top 10 greatest pornstar queens to find out what exactly it takes to get where they are. This blog has direct quotes from the exclusive interviews i have acquired to get inside these woman's heads and see exactly what spark you need to succeed in fulfilling your dream!